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Because Education is the Foundation

ScienceLearning takes place in the classrooms, labs well as on playing fields, within student organizations through shared encounters with Christ and a myriad of other places and activities on campus.

It comes through hard work, exciting discovery and unforgettable experiences.

The financial support of individuals like you has positively impacted the education and future of these children and many more like them:


Elena Brandewie, Class of 2005, University of Notre Dame ’09

My time at Andrean High School prepared me for college in many different ways.  The quality of my high school classes in general, particularly AP and honors classes put me in a great position as a freshman at Notre Dame.  I was a strong writer thanks to Andrean English teachers, and I was able to be exempt from some university requirements like freshman composition. Running track and cross country at AHS and becoming captain and state qualifier by senior year, helped me to develop confidence in myself as a leader and to hone my work ethic, qualities that served me well in college.

Nina Hartman, Class of 2015

“Because of my challenging classes, engaging teachers, and memorable experiences here at Andrean, I feel ready to take on the challenge of college and for the rest of my life.  My experiences have shaped me into a hardworking and aspiring woman who is not afraid of the path ahead of her because not only will she have her family supporting her, but also the wonderful staff at Andrean and of course God.”

Mark Judge, Class of 2016
“Not only have the teachers taught me how to prepare for college academically, but the community as a whole has taught me how to prepare for whatever life has ahead.”

Elizabeth Cooley, Class of 2018
“The ability of a single school to draw people together and cause them to do great things and make the world a better place is what really stuns me about Andrean.”

Kylie Coduti, Class of 2016
“Being able to come to Andrean gave me a whole new realm of opportunities.  I did not just walk into a school or a community coming to Andrean, I got a whole new family.”

Create a Legacy for the Future

At some point in your life, someone lent you a helping hand.  There are students who need that help now.  Your gift will help them to succeed and, in turn, help others in their own time.

Andrean is a keen philanthropic investmentStudent at Grotto

Donors can be assured that their gifts make a difference. Your gift helps Andrean become Northwest Indiana’s premier Catholic educational institution.  Your support is more important than ever, as costs continue to rise and Andrean works to remain accessible to an increasingly talented and diverse student body.