eLearning Day: February 16, 2018

We are excited to announce the opportunity to utilize the new Indiana Department of Education eLearning Day Program.  This program can be used for a make-up day for inclement weather or for a planned Teacher Professional Development Day. We will be utilizing February 16, 2018, as an eLearning Day to provide our teachers Professional Development on Data Driven Instruction.  Students will not be on campus for instruction but will be utilizing online resources for their instruction.

The following expectations for the eLearning Day include:

1) Students will be instructed by their teacher how they will be communicating their lesson and how it must be turned in. Some teachers will utilize their Google Classroom while others will utilize RenWeb;

2) Students will be required to turn in the assignment on the assigned eLearning Day;

3) If a student does not turn in the assignment for a class; he/she will be considered absent for that class period.

4) Students may email their teacher if they have questions about the assignment before

We will have the computer lab available to students to work on their assignments from 8:00 am – 2: 00 pm. Your student has received training on how to access Andrean’s Student Management System, RenWeb.  Please encourage your student to access this site before the designated day.  Please direct your questions about this day to Mrs. Hether Lytton, Associate Principal, at 219-887-5959 or email hlytton@andreanhs.com.