Donation and/or help with Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

We are once again planning our annual Teachers and Staff Appreciation Luncheon to be held on Friday, February 2nd, during Catholic Schools Week. Every year we honor our schools hard working, dedicated and valuable teachers and their outstanding support staff with this luncheon.

As a parent, I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful group of teachers and staff involved in my children’s daily faith and educational development. Will you join my efforts to make this appreciation luncheon happen?

We are asking for monetary donations to take the cost of the luncheon off the school. This should pay for the food, table dressings, and tableware, granted we receive what is needed. Please send in your monetary donations in an envelope marked “Teachers Appreciation” to the office addressed to Debbie Lubash by Monday, January 29th.

We are also asking for those who would like to, to donate desserts either homemade or store bought, drinks, to-go containers etc. If you would like to help we do need some helping hands to set up the luncheon and some to pick up items to be dropped off at the school. Please send in items to the office marked “Teachers Appreciation” by the morning of the luncheon Friday, February 2nd.

Those interested in helping in any way or have any questions please call Andrean High School at 219-887-5959

I would like to thank you all in advance and pray Gods blessing and protection upon every one of you and your families.

-Candy Palmer