Community Service Information

Andrean High School students are required to complete service hours both at Andrean and in the surrounding community. This webpage is a resource containing opportunities to volunteer. Don’t miss your chance to give back and lend a hand!

Community Service Hours Form

Community Service Opportunity


Service opportunities will be shared here throughout the school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Community Service Hours are students required to work each year?

Sixteen (16) hours are required. Many students complete many more than the requirement. Extra hours earned do NOT carry over to the next year; consider them to be a good deed done, a great learning experience, AND a benefit to college and scholarship applications in the future. Student MUST earn a minimum of eight (8) hours for organizations outside of Andrean. Up to eight (8) hours of the annual requirement can be completed in service to Andrean. All 16 hours can be completed outside of Andrean.

Do students have to earn 8 hours per semester in order to meet the requirement?

No. Students can start working on hours for the upcoming year the day after spring final exams are over at Andrean (approximately the first week of June). Students, then, could possibly complete ALL 16 hours in the summer before the new school even starts; this is a popular way to do it. Others spread out the time throughout the school year, adjusting to athletic and activity schedules. Do whatever is appropriate for your family and student.  Just don’t put things off until the end of May 2016!

Where can students earn community service?

It is each student’s responsibility to find their own opportunities for completing community service. Some organizations do contact the school for certain events, details about such opportunities will be posted online. Andrean will also send out periodic emails concerning community service opportunities.

-Contact local churches, service organizations (Lion’s Club, Kiwanis, local sororities/fraternities, etc.), the American Red Cross, your local humane society, American Cancer Society, your local public library, schools (public and/or private) and similar organizations for service opportunities.

-Students CANNOT do office work or cleaning for private businesses (i.e. law firms, tax services, tanning salons, beauty parlors, restaurants, catering services, etc.), or personal services (i.e. lawn care, babysitting) for neighbors, friends, or family. They also cannot count hours from any mass activities in which they  participate (i.e. altar serving, choir, lecturing) toward their community service requirements.