Andrean Lore

What’s In A Name…

HOW DID ANDREAN GET ITS NAME —  St. Andrew or St. Andrea?!?

Back in the late 50’s when the ground work for what was to become Andrean High School was being laid, how did they come up with the name ANDREAN?  If you say it was because the school was named for founding father Bishop Andrew Grutka you are only partially correct.  The full story has been lost over the school’s last 58 year history.  It is time to set the record straight and forever cement in the mindsets of the Andrean Family.


So how did they create the name Andrean?  If the school was named after Bishop Grutka’s patron saint then why isn’t it simply called St. Andrew’s?  Well back in 1957 when Bishop Grutka was putting together all the pieces that would become Andrean, he got the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius to come onboard and agree to teach the girls.  (Even though the school has always been co-ed, remember when it first opened in 1959 and for several years thereafter, the boys and the girls were completely separated.  But that is for another Andrean history lesson…)


Bishop Grutka did want the school to be named St. Andrew’s.  But the good Sisters had another idea, they wanted it called St. Andrea to honor women.  And the Nuns stood firm.  Without the nuns there could be no school.  So a compromise was made and they added the “n” on the end for NEUTRALThus the Andrean name was forever born honoring both Bishop Grutka and women. 


Given that it was 1957 and equal pay/the women’s movement was never even a remote possibility yet (little lone thought), it was a pretty darn revolutionary thing for the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius to pull off.  How bold of them!  Sadly no one recorded it or is alive to now tell us which nun(s) were involved or what person came up with the idea of putting the “n” on the end for neutral.  Maybe it was Bishop Grutka’s idea?  But whoever you are up in heaven now, thank you good Sisters– you were way ahead of the curve…