AHSAA Board Members and Class Agents

AHSAA Officers

Kathy Yurechko

Dave Lamere
Co-Vice President

Al Holok
Co-Vice President

Lori Dobis-Misher

AHSAA Board Members

Claudine Tonello Dobogai ’63, Helen Lauerman Thoesen ’63, Don Tonk ’64, Al Holok ’66, Kathy Yurechko ’69, Jim Burns ’69, Mary Nacarato Daily ’70, Dave Lamere ’71, Nancy Vode Reed ’72, Regis McMahon ’73, Liz Bushemi ’74, Lori Lazarian O’Malley ’75, Stacie Ignarski Reardon ’75, Tom Johnston ’78, Terese Cooke Bottner ’81, Lori Dobis-Misher ’81, Mardee Lamere Saad ’82, Mick Magura ’83, Jay Boby ’84, Kap Krupchak ’84, Marci Beishline Lerner ’90, Tamara Young King ’92, Jason Yurechko ’96, Tracy Montemayor Hadt ’98, Maria Alvarado ’00, Pat Croner ’01, Jamie Gutowski Stangel ’02, Ryne Pishkur ’04, Tommy Finn ’05, Katie Ivancich ‘06


Class Agents

Purpose: On behalf of the Andrean Alumni Association, the purpose of class agents is to help develop and foster a sense of community and belonging among graduates of all years. Class agents serve as a direct connection to Andrean High School and act as a liaison for his or her class. Through their valuable work, class agents will meet its immediate academic, extracurricular and campus needs ensuring the continued excellence and tradition of the school. The role of a class agent requires a minimal time commitment and the interest to keep up with your classmates and friends. The most important goal is for the class agent to help us reach out to your classmates and keep them connected to Andrean.

Duration of Service: There is no “term” for Class Agents. Class Agents are asked to serve until it is no longer feasible for his/her schedule. When a Class Agent resigns his/her position, the Class Agent is to recommend a class member(s) to fill the vacant position. We would like to have at least five Class Agents per class.

Time Commitment: While the time commitment will vary for each Class Agent depending on the level of detail the Class Agent puts into his/her role, the general guidelines is five (5) hours per year.

General Responsibilities:

  • Class agents are responsible to stay connected with classmates and update them with Andrean news, announcements and events.
  • Maintain contact with the Alumni Office – sharing of information for the Niner News Magazine regarding class members. (Examples: weddings, childbirth, job promotions, awards, deaths, literary accomplishments etc.)
  • Encourage classmates through correspondence to attend various alumni events throughout the year such as Christmas Eve Mass, May Crowning, Homecoming Tent, Hall of Fame induction and the Andrean Golf Outing. (Contact can be made over the phone, by mail or email, through social media, or through the preferred method of the Agent.)
  • Participate in the Annual Fund by making a gift of any amount.
  • Class agents are to help in some capacity with class reunion.
  • Help in solicitation of classmates on an as-needed basis, through letters, personal notes and phone calls.

Active alumni involvement at any academic institution is vital to the school’s effort to further its mission and program. Alumni of Andrean High School are equally vital. We hope you will consider volunteering to serve as a class agent. This program is crucial to Andrean’s continued success.

Class Agents

1963: Helen Lauerman Thoesen, Rich Kallok

1964: Margaret Guerre Franko

1965: Rosemary Vaccaro De. St. Jean, Karen Raab Dulin

1966: John Bushemi, Joanne Oliveri

1967: Melinda Berkheimer McKinney

1968: Linda Gall Marler

1969: Kathy Yurechko, Carlos Mateo, Jim Burns, Dennis McGuire

1970: Mary Nacarato Daily

1971: Dave Lamere, Gerilyn Kunas Farley, Sharon Fuss Nault

1972: Patti Gornick Mclaughlin, Marianne Dabrowski Eaton, Nancy Vode Reed

1973: Tony Sablich Kuiper, Phil Lamere, Pam Chirby Gagan

1974: Gayle Gross Roberts, Ellen Sielewicz Steeb, Liz Bushemi

1975: Diane Van Cleef Frankovich, Miriam Tournai, Beth Rendina Hitt

1976: Laura Phipps Ryan

1977: Karen Custer Jankowski, Diane Cafiero, Kathleen Bottos Brown, Robin Kacmar

1978: Marissa Amore Tomala, Steve Nicksic

1979: Joe Chester, Marilyn Hanzal

1980: Gretchen Wellman Pishkur, Pat Battistini, Demetrius Zembillas

1981: Terese Cooke Bottner, Lori Dobis-Misher, Greg Bosak

1982: Laurie Melevage Karagas, Mary Kopil, Laura Mlechick Bottando, Brian Dougherty, Mardee Lamere Saad, Suzy Welsh Mulshine

1983: Annette Euvino Arnold, Tim Hammersmith

1984: Christine Misiak, Leslie Sowinski Krupchak, Mary Carol Welsh Puntillo, Sally Jensen Kaminski

1985: Lori Beth Blissmer Angel, Jodi Attar, Jean Ryan Vanata, Jean Ring Marquez

1986: Ralph Larson

1987: Randy Voller, Judy Scheuer Terek

1988: Brellis Spiller, Allison Porterfield

1989: Sandy Loizzo, Pam Dechert, Angie Caban Wright, Ayesha Patterson

1990: Mylene Jao Richardson, Meggan Chaseley Waltuck, Marci Beishline Lerner, Stephanie Hanlon Santa

1991: Julie Lenzo Bellettini, Etinnie Burnett

1992: Tamara Young King, Cheryl Lerner Falk

1993: Stephanie Anderson Beaver, Kristie Mathews Klein, Beth Townsend Cerrado

1994: Jeff Cox, Mike Reist, Rachel Elvambuena Tischinski

1995: Nikki Nikruto, Kelley Rak, Colleen Doolin Lustina

1996: Chiayna Jones

1997: Lynn Chorak, Bryan Babinek

1998: Tracy Montemayor Hadt

1999: Gretchen Messenger Miller, George Williams III

2000: Maria Alvarado, Darren Zancan

2001: Carrie Hendrickson Damron, Patrick Croner

2002: Rosa Rodriguez, Jamie Gutowski Stangel

2003: Jim Jaworski

2004: Ryne Pishkur, Katie Franz Horney, Brooke Bosak

2005: Jacinta Yanders

2006: Jacquitta Watson, Taryn Zubel, Rachel McGinty

2007: Courtney Pishkur, Meagan Stickler Skinner