Anthony M Bonta, Ph.D.
Acting Administrator

Scott Henwood
Asst. Principal of Student Life
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Hether Lytton
Asst. Principal of Academics
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Andrean High School


Andrean High School offers a value-centered college preparatory experience, laying moral and intellectual building blocks that help guide students throughout their lives.


Distinguished by Catholic values, Andrean High School offers a college preparatory education in a diverse community. We prepare students for a life-long commitment to faith, learning, leadership, and service in an ever-changing society.


Andrean High School offers a faith-centered, mission-driven college preparatory experience. We seek to provide students with a moral and intellectual foundation that they may use as a guide into their lives beyond Andrean.

An 18:1 student-to-teacher ratio provides students with the personal attention needed for their education and formation. We strive to help students discover their God-given talents: academically, personally, socially, and spiritually.


Faith formation and discipleship are at the core of Andrean’s mission. As a Catholic, Diocesan, private institution, students from all backgrounds and religious traditions are welcome.


Written and composed by Rev. Edward “Ned” Donoher, C.S.B. 1960.

It is proudly sung by students, parents, and alumni at the conclusion of all school Masses and sporting events as well as commencement.

To our Alma Mater raise
Voices filled with love and praise.
Our covenant with her shall be
Undying loyalty.
Proudly wearing red and gold,
Her sons and daughters shall uphold
Andrean’s fame,
Her glorious name,
her honor ever proclaim.


Andrean CrestDesigned by Dr. Joseph Cincik, a Slovak artist from Cleveland, Ohio.

The seal is a circle surmounted by an open book, the symbol of education. The open pages of the book are imprinted with the Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet and symbols for Christ, the beginning and end of all things. The school motto “Magister Meus Christus” – translated to “Christ is My Teacher” –  was the last sentence spoken by St. Andrew before his martyrdom.  These words fill the outer rim and make up the philosophy of education at Andrean.  Within the circular seal is a shield divided into four parts:

Upper Left
Gold “X-shaped” cross or crux decussata, represents the cross on which St. Andrew died.  It symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness.

Upper Right
Gold Greek cross on a red background is the symbol of St. Basil, doctor of the Greek Church and patron of the Basilian Fathers who helped found Andrean.

Lower Left
A gold double-barred cross is the symbol of SS. Cyril & Methodius. The three blue peaks beneath the cross represent the Tatry Mountains of Slovakia. The red epitomizes the suffering of the Slavic people.

Lower Right
Four black and three silver bars represent steel production and oil refining, two of the principle industries of Northwest Indiana.


Construction on the Grotto began in the spring of 1999 and was dedication May 7, 2000. An annual Grotto Family Mass and May Crowning are held each year. The Grotto is also the site of the International Rosary.


Andrean High School

Designed by Tom Torleumke, the Mosaic was dedicated and blessed on August 16, 2007 during a ceremony conducted by, The Most Reverend Dale J. Melczek, Bishop of the Gary Diocese.

Sponsor & Funding
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Back and Family

Special thanks to those involved in planning and construction:
Doug Foster and Foster Brothers Construction Inc.
Linda Dorman, Co-Owner Uncle Freddy’s Gallery
Jim Morrison
George Walton