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Friday, January 30

You need endurance to do the will of God.
—HEBREWS 10:36

When I was in college, my two roommates were training for a marathon. One day, they asked me to run eight miles with them. “Sure,” I said, even though I wasn’t in shape. About a mile into the run, I began to lag behind. “Everything hurts,” I told them. They refused to offer pity. “You’ve got to build up your endurance.” All these years later, I work out regularly. I’ve learned that only consistent exercise will keep my muscles strong. God wants us to have spiritual endurance, too. So start training for the marathon of faith that lies before you. Become strong through prayer and sacrifice. Even when life hurts, keep going. You need endurance to do the will of God.

-from the Loyola Press website

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59ers in the News

Get to know Sister Brigid Fasiang a little better in the this terrific interview by the Post Tribune:

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Here’s a terrific gallery of pictures showing some the best 59er pride from Andrean’s State Championship game. Special thanks to Ideas in Motion.

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Northwest Indiana Times top ten local sports stories Andrean comes in at number seven for its fourth state championship in school history.

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Interview with Andrean Senior Josh Barajas before the U.S. Army East-West All-Star Game:

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Catch up on the latest issue of the Acropolis before the new one is put out later this month: 

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Congrats to Dave Pishkur, named Coach of the Year for the fourth time in his career by the Indiana High School Baseball Coaches Association: 

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Andrean’s Krzyston has dedicated his season to his grandfather’s memory: 

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Terrific article on 2011 Andrean graduate Sean Manaea:

Niner Pics

Andrean bids farewell to Bishop Emeritus Melczek


Bishop Melczek IMG_0527 IMG_0380 IMG_0531 IMG_0495 IMG_0503 IMG_0505 IMG_0520 IMG_0462 IMG_0428 IMG_0420 IMG_0409 IMG_0394 IMG_0399 IMG_0371

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